Thursday, October 14, 2010

West Side Story @Divino Ritmo 2nd Annual Grand Ball & Showcase

There are times when I receive e-mails that are so complete and descriptive, they don't need any editing when I publish them on this Weblog. This is one such email that was sent to me by my friend Marie Laderta, a wonderful lady and dancer concerning the upcoming December 10th Divino Ritmo 2nd Annual Grand Ball and Showcase at the Sheraton Waikiki. But mo' bettah if you read it fo' yourself........


I thought I would share with you a message I am sending to my family, friends and
fellow-dancers regarding the divino Ritmo showcase on December 10th:

My message:

It is that time of the year to gear up for our 2nd Annual Divino Ritmo showcase here in Honolulu!

This year's showcase from theme to decor, from soup to nuts, have been carefully thought out, planned, produced & directed by our teachers Lucas & Yanna. Of course we added some of our own ideas to the pot and "Bunny" (Paul) mustered up all his creative juices for the set design & decor, to help Lucas and Yanna bring to life their "brainchild," the theme for Divino Ritmo's December showcase, "West Side Story," the greatest love story of all time!

Lucas presents "West Side Story" together with his leading lady and lifetime
partner Yanna, AND their students, in an unforgettable dance presentation which will take the audience into the concrete jungle and sizzling back alleys of New York city! Through this unique presentation you will feel the ecstasy and joy of love sought, love found, love celebrated, and come to experience the commitment of true love....come join us for the journey...

Besides Pro-am exhibitions, Lucas & Yanna themselves will put on their own professional dance show, taking you through their personal journey of commitment, a commitment to each other, to their dance, to their students, friends and their home, Hawaii's community.

Of course there will also be lots of general dancing in between.

Like last year, there are 2 pricings for the tickets. Front row seating is $95, and all other rows $85.

We have limited front row seating, so it will be "first come, first served" until the tickets run out.

With the economy still in a slump, we recognize people nowadays are more cautious with their money and it is significant when someone is willing to buy a ticket to a dance showcase, and we are so grateful for it. We appreciate your generosity and support.

Please come, have fun and be part of our dance journey as Lucas & Yanna renew their
commitment to each other, to us their students and to you their friends, neighbors and fellow-dancers.

Tickets may be purchased from Lucas Jaime by phone (917) 568-3173 or by email: or from Yanna Samkova by phone (732) 499-0407 or by email:

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