Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hale Ikena Ballroom Dance Classes

Just knocked ourselves out at the first Hale Ikena "Fun Dance, Dance, Dance Social", Richard and Lynn Nakamura are continuing another 6 rounds of dance classes. This time with the addition of a Wednesday night dance class and new qualified to teach dance instructors. Joshua Manzano and Stephanie Shimizu are bringing the SWING HUSTLE to Tuesdays, and Robert and Vanelle Hirayasu will follow with the next class in the American Social Waltz. On Wednesdays, Joshua and Elsie McGrew will start off with the LINE DANCING, followed by Joshua and Stephanie with the NIGHTCLUB 2 STEP. This Thursday (June 9), Richard and Lynn Nakamura continues the session with Part II in the International Tango and International Quickstep. (Left click on poster for more info)