Friday, March 02, 2012


Boy! da guy Wendell Kwan and sidekicks Diane Yoshida and Sharon Uesugi sure know their stuff to "Wake The Town and Tell The People". I remember it was like "Yesterday" when Lani and I just got under the wire and made it to last year's Bash. It was soldout with more than 800 Senior Teenagers attending. So guys and gals, don't let the "Smoke Get In Your Eyes" and start thinking "What A Difference A Day Makes" cuz some of your friends who register early for da Bash gonna be singing "Wish You Were Here". The deadline for registration is September 19 or WHEN COMPLETELY SOLDOUT. Now, who da guy Wendell? He's da guy who has been spearheading the Bash year after year so us Senior Teenagers can get together fo' fun one night and to enjoy the "Rock Around The Clock" era and go "Shake, Rattle, and Roll". 'nuff said fo' now! Here's Wendell's email.

Aloha El! (dat's me el.bailador) You are one of the FIRST I am informing as we WILL be soldout again, First Come, First Served! Please SAVE the three attachments above and help us network email to everyone! Please also ask them to also SAVE and also network email to their contacts! Your Blog is wonderful and any assistance you can graciously assist us in publication would be greatly appreciated!

Our event is the TRUE Celebration of those special times from back in the 50s & 60s! We are as Authentic as they come, but do not call ourselves a Reunion as I can proudly say we surpass most reunions in more ways than one! We've taken it to levels above!

Please let me know if you should have any questions,
Wendell Kwan

"Rock 'N Roll, By VERY popular demand, we're BACK!" To ALL our "Senior Teenagers" its time to announce our 6th Annual and newly renamed, "Nifty 50s/60s/70s Oldies Bash Sock Hop 2012"! Since last years extremely successful Nifty 50s & 60s Oldies Bash 2011, everyone has been anxiously waiting and anticipating this announcement regarding our NEXT Nifty Oldies Event! Its indeed our pleasure to announce!

When: October 19th, 2012 Friday Nite
Where: Pacific Beach Hotel's Grand Ballroom
Time: 5:00PM - 12Midnite
Cost: $65 per person including Full Dinner Buffet
What to Wear? Come Dressed in your 50s & 60s Wigs, Shoes and Costumes!

Last year over 800+ were in attendance, with several hundred registrations being turned away when our event reached sellout status! So, Register early as its First Come, First Served and Priority Seating is also, First Come, First Served! Let us recreate those special teenage years from over 50 year's ago!

Please see the attached Event Sheet, Official Registration Form, and Hotel package deal sheet. It is important to fill in COMPLETELY the Official Registration form and mail in with your payment.

Please network this Event Sheet and Official Registration Form out to others via email, word of mouth, and ask others to also network to their Friends and Associates.

If you have any questions please contact:

Wendell Kwan - Chairman 239-5360
Diane Yoshida - Treasurer 834-1256

(left click on poster to zoom in and if still hard to read, you can contact Wendell or Diane to send you copies to your email)