Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heart Healthy February @The Cupola

"You gotta have Heart! All you really need is Heart!" That's the tune that keeps singing in my head when I got the following e-mail from friend Marie. Peggy Lee sang it way back then but it's still a good tune today. Get the heart pumping to the Jive at the Divino Ritmo Social at the Cupola come this Tuesday. And remember that you're never too old to "Rock, Rattle, and Roll"......

Jive jive jive, pump pump pump, get that heart going, get down with us at the CUPOLA, Tuesday, February 28th, 7-10pm.

Keeping fit and dancing go hand-in-hand, and you can have a blast doing both at Divino Ritmo's social dance this coming Tuesday!

Cupola is on the 2nd floor of the Honolulu Design Center, 1250 Kapiolani, corner of Kapiolani & Pensacola.

Admission is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC! Pupus and beverages are available for purchase.

Do your heart a favor, give it a workout it deserves, come shake it out to the fine tunes of DJ Lucas and music of Jesse Gonzales!

For more info, contact:
Lucas Jaime, ph: (917) 568-3173;
Yanna Samkova, ph: (732) 499-0407;
Aloha Students of Dance, If Mambo dancing is your beat, you might want to check out Lynn's e-mail that follows. Andy and Monica are choreographing a Mambo Formation dance for the Dance Magic 808 Anniversary Ball come July 6 and perhaps for the IBDI & Dance Magic 808 Las Vegas Dance in May. Practice session is tomorrow (Sunday) at the Kaneohe District Park. If you got the heartbeat for Mambo, com'on down and get hooked on Mambomania...............

To All Dancers,
If you would like to participate in the mambo group routine, there will be practice this Sunday, Feb. 26 at the Kaneohe District Park (room off to the side in the office area), 45-660 Keaahala Rd. Kaneohe, HI, from 1pm to 3pm. If you know where Windward Community College is and the Hawaii State Hospital, you'll be able to find it very easily because it's on the same street. If you need directions, please email, call or text Richard Nakamura (cell 220-8175) and he'll give you the directions. It's really easy to find.

Choreographers for the mambo are Andy & Monica Pascua. Their routine looks great and it looks like fun.

The International Waltz 1st group routine practice will be on Tuesday, March 6, from 6:45pm - 8:45pm at the Salt Lake District Park. This is the night that will be a practice night for all of our students from both the Tuesday and Thursday nights.

We (Richard & I are the choreographers) will be in the back of the room instructing the waltz group while the other members are practicing the other dances. The Mambo group might also be practicing but they will be advised tomorrow at their practice on whether they will have practice or not.

The group dances will be performed at Dance Magic 808's 1st Anniversary Ball on Friday, July 6, 2012 at the Pacific Beach Hotel. If the dancers are ready and the routines have been completed before our Las Vegas trip, the dances can also be performed in Las Vegas, on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Requirements to be part of the Dance Magic 808 group routines:
1. Member of Dance Magic 808 ($10 annual membership fee)
2. Active student of Dance Magic 808 taking at least one dance for the entire session (session is normally 6 - 7 weeks)
(ie: Line Dancing for session that runs 6 weeks, cost $6, must pay for entire session whether you attend all classes or not/cost breaks down to $1 per class x 6 weeks)
3. Must be able to attend all or most of the practices (very important because it's a formation dance)
4. Choreographers' approval

If you have the desire and are serious of doing your best in these routines, you won't be disappointed. You'll learn a lot and you'll be performing a really nice exhibition for your fellow dancers, families, and friends.

Please let us know if you would like to join our routines. We already have some dancers but we can accept a few more.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Richard & Lynn
cell 372-2256 (Lynn)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hawaii Gardenia Circle Latin Festival

Things looking up for the month of March at the Palladium. Friend Gayle and the Hawaii Gardenia Circle got the 5th Latin Festival cooking at the Palladium on March 17th. Not sure if there's gonna be any Latin Exhibition Showcase but there's bound to be a whole bunch of Hot Latin Dancers. If you like Charo and cuchi-cuchi the Latin way, go give Gayle a jingle for more info. (click on poster to zoom in)

USA Dance Spears Into March

Hey, Guys and Gals! If you're hooked on International style Waltz and Viennese Waltz, and American style Mambo, USA Dance has got just the pill for you. The classes are short term and promises to teach you "techniques you will not learn from any other class". Please follow the trail to USA Dance Prez Glenn Okazaki's e-mail for more info........... No forget to zoom in on the posters.

We have a couple of GRRREAAAT classes coming your way this March.
Beginning with our International Waltz on Saturday, March 3 and 10, and followed with the International Viennese Waltz on Saturday, March 17 and 24.
Join us in the International Waltz and learn some fabulous techniques to accompany our amalgamation. Learn, movement, balance, centering & more….In the Viennese Waltz, come and learn incredible directional technique and movement. Learn our techniques you will not learn from any other class.

We look forward to seeing you, beginning on Saturday, March 3rd….
Be ‘akamai’, become a USA Dance member. $25 membership for a full year is peanuts, compared with all of our discounts and ‘freebies’ we give back to our members throughout the year, you are actually receiving a ‘free’ membership in USA Dance.

Join us on Friday, March 9 for our ‘Lucky Charms’ monthly dance (Full Palladium). As usual, it is free for our members and $5 for non members. See attached pdf file for more info. What a great deal! Bring a friend along and invite them to become a member to share in our membership give back of great savings. Enjoy free dances, half price classes for members, half price workshops for members and free practice times for members, at the Palladium. You can look forward to the best sound system, best selection of music and great times with friends at our ‘Lucky Charms’ dance in March.

It’s Mambo time!!! Come on and learn this Cubano/Latino dance from Joe Shorba of ‘Koko Head Dance Studio.’ Joe is a rhythm dancer (American Style) and will be sharing his great moves with us on Saturday afternoon, March 31. Joe is a former Arthur Murray Dance Studio instructor in Honolulu and in 2009 opened his own dance studio here in Hawaii Kai. Registration begins at 12:30 pm and class starts at 1:00 pm. Cost is $10 for members and $20 for non-members. Venue is the usual Stage Side of the Palladium. Class is 1 ½ hours long. See attached pdf poster for more information. Remember March 31 st, Maaammmmbo!
If you are not a member, come on down and be one, and invite a friend to be a member too.
Glenn Okazaki
USA Dance Honolulu

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

USA Dance Workshop: HUSTLE TOO!

Aloha Students of Dance! It's time to get back into the GROOVE. Yeah, you know what I mean...Da HUSTLE! If you can take a warp drive back to the 70's, you'll see that the Hustle was fun among the kings of dances. Yeah, da buggah neva die...just took a long vacation. But now it's back as a fun dance and if you want to get hooked on da HUSTLE, check out the email and announcement from my friend Marie Laderta......

Brought Back by Popular Demand, USA Dance PRESENTS: "Hustle TOO!" by Lucas Jaime
By: Marie Laderta

Hawaii's own Hustle Pro, Lucas Jaime, will show you how to shake those booties in what USA Dance President Glenn Okazaki describes as "incredible moves" in Part II of USA Dance's Hustle Workshop.

You can look forward to a mini refresher and additional choreography to add to your dance repertoire. If you enjoyed Part I, come for more and get down those extra moves. If you haven't come before, come on February 18th - it's not too late to fall into pace with Lucas' easy teaching style.

Saturday, February 18th is the day!
At the Ala Wai Palladium
Registration Opens at 12:30p
Workshop 1:00-2:30pm
$10 for Members
$20 for Non-Members