Sunday, December 25, 2016

IBDI 2017 1st Term Dance Schedule

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Orchid Isle Ballroom Dance Club New Year Dance

Orchid Isle Ballroom Dance Club in Hilo Celebrates New Year in style!

Featuring Ron Montez and Guest performances by Oahu Studio, Dance Appeal dancers... Professionals Renna & Sergio Villanueva and their Fabulous keikis!

DRD Hosts International Latin Workshops

Divino Ritmo Dance 
two International Latin Workshops
with visiting Professional Couple
Evgeny Likhachev
Mariya Levina

on Sunday January 15th, 2017 
at Aloha Dancesport Center

2pm International Samba
3pm International Cha-Cha

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

IBDI Inaugural & Christmas Ball 2016

It's been a long but enjoyable journey with IBDI during this 2016 year for Lani and me. IBDI started the year with three officers who also served as Directors (Arnold Lee, Diana Vo, and Dana Morey). A few months ago, Dana passed away and Dean Sierra stepped in to fill that position. Going into 2017, IBDI will have a full complement of Officers with Arnold Lee (President/Director 1), Diana Vo (1st Vice President/Treasurer/Social Chair), Thomas Campbell (2nd Vice President/Director), Kathy Uyehara (Secretary/Ticket Chair), and Dean Sierra (Music/Equipment Chair).  IBDI is happy to announce that Professional Albert Franz will serve as Dance Advisor.

This past Saturday, IBDI celebrated Christmas with a Christmas Ball dance, and the installation of Officers/Directors for the 2017 year. My main squeeze and I got to the Palladium about 4:30 to help with the setup before the doors opened at 5:30. Most of the setup was already in place except for a few tables that needed to be in the foyer thanks to the volunteers from other danced organizations that came early to help IBDI. Chairs were already in place along the walls of the Palladium, thanks to David Carvalho. Some of the dance exhibition participants were practicing on the dance floor while Don, Cindy, Kathy, and Joe Lee (IBDI sergeant-at-arms) worked on decorating and setting up the Reception Table. Henry Lee was the Music DeeJay for the evening and his selection of smooth and upbeat music kept the dance floor filled with dancers.

As more guests trickled into the Palladium, the line at the Reception Table kept Don, Cindy, and Kathy mighty busy. Just as busy were the servers at the bento counter with a long line waiting. Thanks to the volunteers from other dance organizations who helped handing out the bento. There were many that jumped in to help but I was only able to get a snapshot of three of them since it was like a revolving door of helpers in the kitchen. (Left click on photo to zoom in).

General dancing was in full swing before the program started with calling of lucky numbers for door prizes. Renna Villanueva from Appeal Dance Studio presided over the evening program as EmCee and kept the program moving along smoothly. She's always been a faithful supporter for IBDI during her tenure as Vice President and Dance Director for IBDI and even after she left IBDI. After Renna introduced the VIPs from other dance organizations, she introduced IBDI Prez Arnold Lee and 1st Vice Prez Diana Vo, Arnold gave the Welcome Message, a short history of IBDI and the direction he will lead this organization during the 2017 year.   

It's becoming the norm having someone sing a song or two at sporting events and I guess ballroom dancing is a sporting event in some way. Linda Batt was introduced and I got to tell you for a little lady, she's got an amazing strong vocal chords. She belted out the Star Spangle Banner, Hawaii Pono'i and The Little Drummer Boy. Wow! what a treat. Then it was time for the installation of Officers and Directors. VIP guest Joe Magaldi presided over the installation and swore in the 2017 Officers and Directors. General dancing resumed with a short break for the second calling of lucky numbers for door prizes. Then it was time for the Showcase part of the program. Since Renna was also to perform in the Showcase, her husband Sergio took over as EmCee to introduce the dance exhibition performers. 

The Showcase included dance performers from Fuego Y Aqua Dancers, Appeal Dance Studio, and Kokohead Dance Studio. Fuego Y Aqua Dancers performed in three exhibition dances. Dario Garcia and Yuki Komiyama taught New York style Mambo and Cha Cha for IBDI during the 4th and 5th Term of 2016. Appeal Dance Studio performed in four exhibition dances which included two exhibitions from Appeal Dance Studio children program.  Concluding the Showcase program were Joe Shorba and student Hami Draper of Kokohead Dance Studio performing the Mambo. It was a fun filled Latin Showcase with colorful costumes, dynamic movements of forms, speed, and balance and the display of playful connection with partners.  

More general dancing resumed after the Showcase with spot time allowed for calling of lucky numbers for door prizes, and picture taking with Santa a.k.a. Joe Magaldi. The Officers and Directors thank everyone for coming to the dance and helping to make this event successful.
Merry Christmas, everyone and Hasta la Vista!